Thursday, 30 June 2011

Are you local? (Part 1)

Finally, after nearly three months, I’ve heard back from all the charities I chose to benefit from Open’s Grand Giveaway in April. But why has it taken them so long to say thank you?

Well, they’re all small, local charities, you see, requiring real people (not an agency) to send me written appreciations of my gifts.

So here’s what my lovely neighbours sent me to say thank you…

The Simon Community

I know what you’re thinking. But this isn’t an online appreciation society for Simon Cowell. Neither is it a charity that supports those unfortunate enough to be addicted to electronic games of memory skill.

In fact, The Simon Community is a small charity that works with homeless people in my community. Their soup run stops at the end of my road, and every Saturday I skulk past on the way to spending three figures on Terramazon Cacao Nibs, flax oil and spelt burgers in the Camden Fresh and Wild (their organic shea butter seems to be the only thing capable of salving my weekend Pashley rash.)

Anyway, The Simon Community sent me a nice thank you letter, top-and-tailed by their Chief Exec, telling me a little bit more about what they do. Underwhelmed? Moi?

Not a bit. It was a lovely letter. And they are to me like honey to the bee.

Next time, Camden Young Carers…


Friday, 24 June 2011

Time for...

Last week saw the first inaugural Show & Tell sesh here at Open – a chance for us creatives to get together, drink coffee and chat about the good, bad or ugly work we've come across outside of these four walls.

And my favourite exhibit this week? This heart-wrenching cinema ad from M̩decins Sans Fronti̬res Рwhich proves you don't always need cute kids and eye contact to really pack a punch.


One Amazing Person Down, Just A Few More Amazing People to Go...

It's a bit of a business-manual truism that you should hire people who are better than you. But it's not always easy. First of all it's a bit scary. And secondly, these people are hard to find.

I realise that this sounds conceited. But what I actually mean is that really good people tend to have really good jobs already – or indeed work for themselves.

Anyway, you're doubtless thinking that this is all leading up to a big 'we've appointed' announcement. And you'd be right.

We've been lucky enough to persuade Paul de Gregorio come and head up all our Mobile stuff. He'll be working with charities (CRUK being the first) to deliver amazing stuff to people's pockets and get even more money back from them in return.

Paul was formerly Client Services Director at Pell & Bales so knows a thing or two about fundraising and telephones. He also tweets like it's going out of fashion and writes a blog that i) gets far more readers than this one and ii) includes lots of gems like the image above – which gives you a good idea of just what a top man he is to work with.

Sadly, Paul's appointment is not the end of our recruitment drive. We're still very much in the market for an Account Director and Account Managers who want to work with us. So if you're brilliant at fundraising and have some experience either charity or agency side then do email us at


Remember your inner child?

My inner child and I love BBDO's print campaign for the Museum of Childhood:

You know you've done a good job when the readers of Creative Review are all asking where they can buy your ads.


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Water Water Everywhere

Everyone loves freebies. No-one likes to pay for water. And water bottles are BAD for the environment. Here's just three reasons why you should download the Water, Water, Everywhere app today. It's also free and will show you all of the places you can get free water! Fountains, cafes, KFC Eastbourne.

So stay hydrated without damaging the environment. Do it now.


Thursday, 9 June 2011

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Tell me why I like mondays...

No, I'll tell you.

After months of searching for the perfect addition to Team Copy here at Open, we have finally found 'the one'.

She's called Lara and she starts on monday. Which is why, for one week only, I like mondays.

Lara's previous work as a scrivener includes Macmillan's little green book of fundraising ideas – which is the envy of a few of our clients, I can tell you.

Welcome to Boomtown, Lara.