Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Clever? Funny? Neither?

I'm sitting watching Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe which is the best thing on telly. It's brilliant. It's like MediaLens but funny. Medialens, by the way, is genius. Everyone should subscribe – it's free. However, as I implied, it doesn't really excel on the comedy front.

But I digress...

Charlie was talking about coverage of Haiti. Which reminded me of something I did a few weeks ago.

You see, when Haiti happened, I waited a while. I figured that I was on the database of a number of development charities so surely someone would ask me for money. But they didn't. So I decided to give some money anyway without being asked.

I know that from a career point of view this is not the kind of behaviour I want to encourage. But, well, y'know...

I won't go into which charities are involved or how much I gave but let's just say 'four big ones' and 'sums that would suggest that I'm worth pursuing'.

Can anyone guess what I've received since? A quick email update on how things are going perhaps? A link to a YouTube or Flickr page? A meaningful thankyou? A request for more money to help Haiti rebuild?

Or sod all – apart from an unrelated mailing that suggests I have been tossed unceremoniously into an 'appeal programme'.

I'll give you one guess.


Thursday, 18 February 2010

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Reduce. Re-Use. Recycle.

Click here to download a big poster that tells you all about writing good headlines by showing you headlines that other people have written.

Of course, this means that this post essentially consists of me posting someone else's hard work which, in itself, consists of showing you other people's hard work. And that's before you include the very cool blog I pilfered it off in the first place in the equation.

God I'm lazy.

Anyway, it's brilliant and it looks good too. If it's your job to write things (appeals, brochures, charity of the year applications etc.) then you should have a look.


Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Right. Who wants a job?

We're going to need some more people. So we thought we should start sooner rather than later. We've even done a Facebook ad – so hello if that's how you got here.

Our regular readers will know that we're the UK's fastest growing charity marketing agency. For those of you not in this line of business already, that means we raise money and awareness for good causes – on and off-line.

We currently work with Action for Children, British Heart Foundation, Breast Cancer Campaign, British Lung Foundation, British Red Cross, CRUK, Oxfam, St John Ambulance & WWF – and we're talking to several more fantastic organisations.

We offer good money, a lovely bright office in Islington at Holborn Studios, free massages and the chance to use your skills to make the world a better place.

Right now we're looking for experienced fundraisers from charities and charity-specialist agencies. And we also want to talk to Account Directors, Account Managers, Writers, Designers and Developers in the commercial sector who might want to make the jump.

If you're interested, please send a CV, a short letter introducing yourself and, if appropriate, some examples of your work to

Thanks for reading this self-aggrandizing and formulaic blurb. Something more fun will follow soon. But do please get in touch...