Thursday, 26 February 2009

Getting it Right

Sometimes it just works. Sometimes, people do exactly what you hope they will do and they do it with such charm and enthusiasm that you wish you could give them a big hug.

That's what happened with this wonderful person when she signed up to WWF's Earth Hour as part of a campaign we're working on with Gift.

If only she'd been signed up by one of our bears...


Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Bear with us

It's been a long time since our last post. And if things go on like this, it may be a while before the next one. So to bring you up to speed, since Tim's slightly idiosyncratic job ad all those weeks ago...

1. We've offered one of the smartest fundraisers we've ever met a job . He said yes and starts in April.
2. We've hired a brilliant project manager called Rebecca. She prefers to be called Wiggy.
3. We've lost the Centrepoint Room Sponsor pitch to The Good Agency.
4. We've both been ill. Fortunately not concurrently.
5. We've been using an Art Director called Sandy. She worked at Apple in California and does stuff for Howies. We are in awe.
6. We've had a nice article written about us by our friends at Harvest.
7. We've completed seven appeals with the help of our wonderful freelance team.
8. We've worked ourselves silly and had a great time.

We've also, as you can see, dressed our children in polar bear suits. More on how this relates to a rather brilliant project will follow at a later date.

Thanks for watching.