Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Didn't we have a blog?

I think James was hinting at something when he shouted this across the office this morning. But we have been a tad busy recently – doing planning and a mountain of creative for one mighty big campaign.

Yesterday saw the launch of Action for Children's appeal to get the nation to take action for the 1.5 million children who wake up every day to experience neglect.

Over the past few months we've met the staff on the front line who work with these kids and heard stories that tear your heart out – like Katie who was spat on at school because she didn't get a bath at home and 5 year old Ellie who stole sugar from the local cafe because she was so hungry.

We've also had the pleasure of working with Baby creative (who do AFC's brand work) our new neighbours DTV (who made the Davina ad) and media masters JAA (who persuaded Channel Four to create a break in the news yesterday to air this three minute masterwork).

And the pace shows no sign of slacking – hence this rather brief post.

Normal service will be resumed when James has time. Thank you for your patience.